First Aid

As employers, you need to provide first aid equipment, materials and training at all places of work where the working conditions require it.

Firstly, you must carry out a risk assessment which will determine whether you require first aiders, specialist first aid equipment and/or a first aid room.

Certain workplaces will have different levels of risks associated with them. It is important to determine the level of risk associated with your particular workplace and work activity.

Construction, farming, forestry, garages would be considered more hazardous workplaces than offices and therefore may require more first aid provisions than other places of work (again this will be highlighted by your risk assessment).

You should have a list of the local emergency services and contact details available in your workplace in case of emergency.


Details regarding the provision and maintenance of first aid and first aid equipment is covered by the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, Part 7, Chapter 2: First Aid

The Health and Safety Authority have also developed a comprehensive guide to First Aid at Places of Work

First Aid Kit

At a minimum all workplaces should have a first aid box and/or a travel first aid kit where identified as necessary.

The contents of a first aid box as recommended by the Health and Safety Authority can been seen in the table opposite.

A PDF of this table can be found by clicking on the text below.
First Aid Box Contents

First Aiders

Your risk assessment will determine the requirement to have a fully trained first aider in your workplace.

Along with the risk assessment you should consider:
  • The size and location of the workplace
  • The type of work carried out
  • The level of risk
  • The number and severity of accidents
  • The workplace opening hours
  • The distance from external medical services

It is recommended that workplaces like schools, crèches, retailers, factories, construction sites, mines and quarries etc. should have a trained first aider due to either the large numbers of non-employees who access these workplaces and the levels of risk associated with these work activities.

The Health and Safety Authority have developed a guideline for the recommended number of first aiders in the workplace. These figures should be used as a guide, your risk assessment will identify if you require a greater number of first aiders in your workplace or for your work activity. To access the table click on the link below.
First Aider Numbers

Employers should only use first aid trainers who are register with the Occupational First Aid Assessment Agent

Record Keeping

Records of first aid treatment provided by the first aider should be kept in the workplace. These records should include:
  • Name of injured party
  • Type of injury
  • Treatment given
  • Name of first aider
  • Date
Records of treatment must be kept secure due to the confidential information which may be included on the record. Records of first aid treatment must be provided to the Health and Safety Authority if requested by an inspector. A sample record in both word and PDF can be found below:
Record of First Aid Treatment PDF
Record of First Aid Treatment Word doc

Page updated:12/05/2014
First Aid Box Contents

The Health and Safety Authority provide a comprehensive list of answers to First Aid Frequently Asked Questions.

Useful Emergency Contact Information

Public Hospitals – Hospital Contact Details

Health Services in your area – Health services interactive map

Health Services Out of Hours – Information and contact details

An Garda Síochána – Station Directory

Irish Fire Service – County Fire Authorities Contact Details

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