Pregnant, Post Natal & Breastfeeding Employees

Employees are covered by the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007, Protection of Pregnant, Post Natal and Breastfeeding Employees once they have informed their employer of their current or recent pregnancy.

The early stages of pregnancy are a very important time for any pregnant woman, so it is important that employers are informed as early as possible.

Employers Duties

Once an employer is made aware that an employee is pregnant; a detailed risk assessment must be carried out.

The assessment must consider:
    • The nature of the work carried out
    • Any tasks which may affect the health and safety of a pregnant employee or a developing child
    • Contact with any chemical or hazardous substances
    • The level of exertion required to complete the work
    • The duration of the work task

Once the risks have been assessed, it is necessary to introduce the appropriate protective and preventative measures to ensure that the risks to the pregnant employee are eliminated or reduced adequately.

Where protective and preventative measures will not control the risk to the pregnant employee, an employer must consider:
    • Changing working hours
    • Changing working conditions
    • Finding appropriate alternative work

Where the risk of harm or ill-health remain even after detailed assessment and consideration of the above, an employer should assist their employee in receiving health and safety leave under the Maternity Protection Act 1994, Section 18

Page Updated: 12/05/2014

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