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11 agriculture related deaths already in 2014

Since the beginning of 2014 the Health and Safety Authority have recorded 11 deaths as a result of farm related accidents. Each year the number of deaths related to work in the farming sector remain significantly higher than any other industry sector. It is time to start reversing the trend!

The Health and Safety Authority along with the Irish Rural Link have produced the following videos:

1. To assist in the safe management of slurry agitation on your farm

2. The dangers of slurry gas on your farm

These are just two of the many videos available on the HSAchannel on YouTube that have been produced to encourage accident prevention in your workplace and on your farm.

Two children dead after farm accidents

Two children have died in the past 24 hours as a result of accidents on farms in counties Limerick and Laois. In Limerick, the 14 year old boy is believed to have died as a result of electrocution while power-hosing a shed at his grandfather’s farm. While a young girl (9) died in hospital yesterday as a result of injuries sustained on a farm in county Laois last weekend. This is the third farm fatality in Ireland in the past week and brings the total of agriculture related deaths in 2013 to five. Though the number is greatly lower than that of the same period last year, it is still five deaths to many.

Both Teagasc and the Health and Safety Authority offer advise and guidance in relation to child safety on farms. Farmers are advised to talk to children about safety on the farm and not to assume because they have grown up around the farm that they know the dangers. Farmyards are places of work and it is vital that children are not allowed to treat farmyards as play areas.

The following links provide information and guidance regarding child safety on farms:
Child Safety on the Farm: Information Sheet
Code of Practice on Preventing Accidents to Children and Young Persons in Agriculture
Children and safety on farms

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HSA & IFA Launch Farm Safety Campaign

The HSA plan to increase the number of farm visits they make in order to promote safety on farms. This new initiative aims to place particular emphasis on farmers in the 60+ age group.

Over the last 10 years there have been 182 people killed, and many more seriously injured, as the result of farm accidents. More than half of these accidents involve farmers over the age of 60. In fact, accidents involving farmers over 55 years of age often account for 70% of farm deaths.

In an effort to reverse this trend, and focus attention on age as a risk factor, the HSA and the IFA have jointly produced a DVD entitled ‘Older, Wiser, Safer – A Practical Guide to Safety for Older Farmers.

Martin O’Halloran CEO of the Health and Safety Authority said that ‘Older, Wiser, Safer’ is part of an on-going approach to get farmers to tell their own stories and influence each other on this issue. Speaking about Farm Safety Fortnight Martin O’Halloran said, “We would encourage Farmers to give some time each day to farm safety and if one of our Inspectors visit, engage with them and act on any advice given.

The main causes of death and injury on farms are; tractors and machinery (47%), livestock (13%) and falls from height (12%).

As of April 2013, there have been 2 deaths reported due to work activity on farms.

Sourse: Health and Safety Authority, Press Release April 2013

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