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Dangers of working at sea reinforced by Tramore tragedy

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The death of three Waterford brothers has reinforced the dangers involved in working at sea. The Bolger brothers were of the coast of Tramore moving lobster pots when their fishing punt capsized in rough waters. Although the three men were wearing life jackets as the time of the incident, it is believed that they died as a result of the cold water while they were waiting to be rescued. It is believed their lives may have been saved had they been able to send out a distress call.

The tragedy almost coincided with both the Water Safety Awareness Week and the launch of the Irish Coast Guards(IRCG) Water Safety Advert.

The advert highlights the importance of the 6 T’s of Water Safety, these are:

  1. Training – ensure you have the basic training in safety awareness, fire prevention and first aid
  2. Take – take the correct equipment and ensure you wear a personal flotation device at all times when on the water
  3. Trip planning – Plan your trip from start to finish, know the water and the risks involved
  4. Tell someone – tell someone where you are going, who you are with and what time you expect to return
  5. Talk to the coastguard – talk to the coastguard on 112 or 999, don’t wait
  6. Time – remember every second counts when it comes to saving a life

For more information on water safety check out Safety on the Water

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