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You must ensure that you to take all reasonable measures to protect the health and safety of all your employees, regardless of the size of your workplace.

All employers and self-employed persons must have a written safety statement for their business.

You must have a written safety statement that includes:
  • The hazards associated with your workplace
  • The risks you have identified
  • The control measure you have in place to prevent these risks
  • Emergency plans and procedures
  • The duties of your employees
  • The names and positions of people who have health and safety responsibilities

The safety statement must be:
  • Shown to employees annually
  • Shown to new employees
  • Reviewed annually and more often if significant changes happen within the workplace
  • Reviewed if it is considered out-of-date
  • Shown to employees when revisions have been made

The Health and Safety Authority have developed a ‘Safety Statement’ and ‘Risk Assessment Tool’ designed to help small workplaces (from 1 – 50 employees) meet their health and safety legal requirements.  The BeSMART tool can be accessed here.

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A health and safety policy must be on display in your workplace.  The policy outlines your commitment to ensuring the health and safety of your employees.  A sample policy is available here.

If you are an employer in the construction, agriculture or forestry sector with three or less employees there may be a Code of Practice you can use. To find out more information about these Code of Practices click here.

The two core pieces of legislation concerning all workplaces are:

 HSA Toolkits for Small Business

The Health and Safety Authority have developed a series of toolkits aimed specifically at small (11-50 employees) and micro-businesses (1-10 employees).


Display Screen Equipment
First Aid
Manual Handling
Night and Shift Work
Pregnant, Post Natal and Breastfeeding Employees
Safety Signs
Work at Height

Page updated: 12/05/2015

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